Timely Advice and Unique Solutions

Ace And Associates (AAA) provides holistic asset protection and risk management consultancy services with emphasis on convergence of all aspects of security from conception to implementation.

Certified and Networked Professionals

We are composed of experienced, local and internationally certified professionals. We have extensive experience in security management, military service, and corporate security.

No "Lost in Translation"

We are fluent in written and spoken English and the vernaculars of the Philippines, thus ensuring accurate translations of information from the ground.

Balanced Evaluation
and Analysis

We place emphasis on combining globally accepted corporate best practices with thorough knowledge of local conditions. Our associates and advisers have vast experience in government and private corporations with credentials in various non-security fields.

Service Coverage
from Conception to Execution

We work with architectural and engineering design teams to minimize physical security costs and reduce, if not prevent, retrofitting. We advocate the application of the strategies of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Independent Consultancy Company

Our assessments and reports are unbiased and are not subjected to any conflict of interest.

Global Partnerships

AAA is the preferred partner, contractor, and resource of foreign risk management consulting firms.

Holistic Asset Protection
Business Sense to Security Matters

We subscribe to our passionate advocacy to help companies and communities understand the essence of security and safety with business sense. Our goal is to enhance and protect the environment of our clients by providing timely advice and unique solutions that bridge the gap between globally accepted corporate best practices and thorough knowledge of local conditions.

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Ace Esmeralda

Senior Associate

Edwin Molina

Senior Associate, Executive Protection & Special Projects

Derek Presto

SENIOR Associate

Noel Ladera

Associate, Visayas & Mindanao

Jun Templa

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