AAA Services


... local knowledge and international know-how

AAA bridges the gap between local knowledge and international know-how. Our balance of local knowledge of Philippine conditions and globally-accepted corporate best practices is combined with our focus on the bottom-line and responsiveness to the needs of the client. We offer security advice and solutions that are cost-effective and distinctly custom-fit for the client.

We partner with key-decision makers at every level of business to ensure that we deliver the following in a seamless, comprehensive and proactive manner:

  1. Security Information and Advice
  2. Multi-level Approach to Security
  3. Business Security
  4. Incident and Crisis Management

AAA is an independent consultancy group that has no financial interest in any entity that provides security guard services or sells security products. Our services are guaranteed and undertaken with the utmost objectivity and with no conflict of interest.


Security Information and Advice … business sense to security matters

The challenge in this digital age is to filter relevant, accurate and useful information from the overabundance of data available. In addition to open-source information, we also gather details from our well-placed contacts in government and private entities.

AAA helps make sense of all this information related to security and safety - with particular emphasis on the general peace and order situation, terrorism and organized crimes - and their effects on the security and business landscape.

We package and deliver information in a manner that can help you make decisions and plans. We offer:

  1. Weekly Assessment and Security Situation Update (WASSUP)
  2. Regular newsletters and advisories tailor-fit to clients’ business and operational needs.
  3. Security Bulletins of important events and developments as they happen

As a premium service, we assess how security matters directly impact a specific industry and / or company. Please contact us for more details on this specialized service.


Strategic and Tactical Levels

  • Corporate Security Review and Design
  • Security Surveys, Audits and Inspections
  • Guard Force Management Review and Guidance
  • Information Security Policy and Procedure
  • Event and Lodging (Hotel) Security and Safety
  • Physical and Logical Security System Convergence
  • CCTV and Access Control Design and Review
  • Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Program


Business Security

  • Brand Protection
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Business Competition Analysis
  • Supply Chain Loss Prevention
  • Security Environmental Scanning
  • Counter Social Engineering and Analysis
  • Vendors and Bidders Evaluation
  • Comprehensive Vetting


Incident and Crisis Management

  • Incident and Crisis Management (Planning, Response and Recovery)
  • Contingency Planning
  • Business Continuity Program Design
  • Testing and Exercises (Full and Partial Drills)