Our Edge  

Our Edge


No lost in translation

  • Language and cultural barriers can be detrimental in dissemination of precise and accurate information. Our team is fluent in written and spoken English and the vernaculars of the Philippine society, ensuring correct translations of the news from the ground.
  • They are professionals with exposure on working for and with multi-nationals and expatriates and all levels of law enforcement forces.

Balanced evaluation and analysis

  • Our associates and advisers have ample experience in government and private corporations with credentials in legal, information technology and business management.
  • Emphasis on globally-accepted corporate best practices, combined with thorough knowledge of local conditions and strong internal sources with established intelligence, law enforcement and military backgrounds.
  • We are less inclined towards a purely military or police interpretation of security events and issues. On the contrary, we put business sense to all security matters.

Service coverage from conception to execution

  • Capable of working with architectural and engineering design teams to minimize physical security cost and reduce, if not prevent, retrofitting in the future.
  • Advocates the application of the Strategies of Crime Prevention Thru Environmental Design (CPTED).

Holistic approach to security management

  • Integrating all aspects of brand, personnel, operations, document and information, environment, information technology and physical security.
  • Advocacy on convergence of physical and logical (IT) security.
  • Integration of electronic access control and physical barriers.
  • Integration of IT security policies and other aspects of security

Reasonable Cost of Service

  • Cost at reasonable level for optimal result is our guiding principle because we put business sense to security services.
  • Our management team is all locals with internationally-recognized credentials in both security and business management.

Business and Security Ethics and Confidentiality

  • Our team is composed prominent leaders and members of respected professional organizations that strictly adhere to professionalism and business ethics.
  • Professional and strictly ethical relations with our clients
  • Client confidentiality is our key ethical practice since we mutually value the information shared as we maintain the trust and confidence with each parties.




AAA Services

  • Security Information and Advice
  • Strategic and Tactical Levels
  • Business Security
  • Incident and Crisis Management